Golf Course - Green Fee

For some time golf has become affordable to a wider audience . This has a positive effect: more and more people resort to wood, putter and iron. A philosophy that we welcome very much.

Given the early planning stage, green fees could not have been set so far. Once the operating costs to maintain the quality of the golf course can be calculated , we will publish them here.


Müritz Airpark
-full swing for golfers


29.06. - 03.07.2022 Fusion 2022
Flugplatz geschlossen / closed

24.6.2022 19:00 LT bis 08.7.2022 19:00 LT
bzw. gemäß Notam

Airport Days
19.8..2022 bis 21.08.2022
1/4 Meilenrennen
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Röhrl Klassik
01.9.2022  und 3.9.2022

111 historische Porschefahrzeuge
zeitweise Einschränkung des Flugbetrieb
Bitte Notam beachten!

MZ Trophy

Rennveranstaltung MZ Motorräder
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